About Me

really though what did you expect a blog post?

Who I am

Uhhhhh, yea I'm an infosec student at literally where University. I'm not very fond of academia thus far but I like learning stuff on my own; x86_64 and ARM are kinda my things right now. Security is primarily my focus as it gives me a chance to... uhhhhh... I like breaking stuff(software) and seeing what happens. Making stuff is also lots of fun, especially when done the hard way.

What/Why this site? huh?

I like journaling things and when it feels like someone could be reading it feels as though I should think about what I say instead of saying spitting truthbombs random things. Not only that but it gives me a weird motivation to actually do projects outside of school since I think "oh i should update the site with a new post or something". As long as I don't take on a project in a really dumb way I usually try finishing up to where point where it seems somewhat interesting.

Things I enjoy

Not being dead or a fern are probably my top two things I enjoy right ahead of not being a wooly sock in siberia as a third.

Honestly I like making stuff in software, but hardware is also cool(just exepensive). CTF challenges are lots of fun as well, but I've yet to document my findings on one as many have weird rules about sharing, and I feel weird about it as well.